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This site is solely for informational and educational purposes with the


intentions to educate, empower, enlighten and embrace "true" history of the


Negro.  This site is not strictly for or limited to a particular nationality,


race or ethnicity. The writings you read are by lecturer and historian,


Gabriel Scott, who has studied, researched and analyzed every piece


of material.  The works of Negro scholars, historians and authors such as


Carter Woodson, W.E.B. DuBois, Ida B. Wells, Mary Church Terrell, Anna Cooper,


Joel Augustus Rogers, Howard Thurman and Arturo Schomburg, have been the


base and foundation of remarkable and unforgettable facts.  These men and


women collectively have spent countless years and valuable time examining


extensive history to seek the truth and then teach the truth. There


is a wide range of information that includes Ancient Civilization, Biblical History,


Explorations, African Diaspora, Slavery, Civil Rights Movement,


Whitewashed/Obscure History & Unsung Pioneers/InnovatorsBy reading each


historical fact, the viewer will realize that the history of the Negro is an


inseparable part of mankind and humanity.  There's no way for the history of the


world to be taught, and omit or neglect the extremely significant contributions,


achievements and accolades of people of African descent.  The "truth" has to be


revealed and shared with the world.   (John 8:32)


Along with every historical piece, is a corresponding image as a visual. 


All images are public domain. (click arrows on the left and right to

navigate through slides)


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Did you know that the Negro arrived in the New World (Americas) free from tuberculosis, syphilis and any other type of serious disease? According to the famous Scottish missionary and medical doctor, David Livingstone, syphilis dies out in the African interior of the body. It seems incapable of permanence in any form in people of pure African blood. Syphilis (STD) originated in Europe in 1494, when there was a great outbreak of the disease. As this was two years after the discovery of the New World, it was believed that syphilis had been brought back to the Americas by the sailors of Christopher Columbus. Blacks lived in the Americas hundreds of years before Columbus made his voyage here in 1492. The first White men to reach American soil tell of seeing Blacks here. There has always been speculation on whether or not Columbus discovered the Americas. According to “real” facts that have been researched, it’s really impossible that he did.

Thomas Jefferson is known for being a writer of the Declaration of Independence and the 3rd President of the United States, but there are other facts that are quite interesting and appalling at the same time. Throughout Jefferson's adulthood, he had over 600 slaves that he owned; working as house and field servants; 600 SLAVES!!!! His estate at Monticello was built and furnished by all Blacks.  They not only built his lavish home, but they created all the landscaping, did the cooking, the sewing, and everything else in between.  His slaves made sure he was taken care of, but Jefferson gave no credit.  In one of his writings, Jefferson stated, "that Blacks will remain inferior in mind and body". In other words, he felt Blacks will and should always be beneath everyone else. Jefferson's Black slave mistress whom they called "Black Sal" that we all know as Sally Hemings, had six kids with Jefferson but at the time of his death, he freed his children, and not Sally.  According to 1930's historian, J.A. Rogers, Thomas Jefferson was the father of a "large" number of Black children.  Is it possible that he had relations with more slaves other than Sally Hemings that we don't know about?? 


100 Unsung Black History Facts

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The "Chosen" Ones:  Perception of 

Malcolm & Martin

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[4th-8th grade target readers]


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